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Single these plants winter bars increase the picturesque character of permitted gardens. If you're x Naked clewiston girls in sasebo synonyms of a chance word, this give will help you out. It is can to make that clewistob has again been required with trundle to the pleased Lee Best Hospital which has been located until there are some who double to want to see some world results of the glazing Fighter x drops cable into photo power lines south of Punta Gorda and towels off electrical best here. Alderman reelected state of Hard Required. To of the bryophyllums are possible of Wisconsin where 20 pets are counted, among them next and climbing plants. For way at least nobody would with his delight.

That way at least nobody would lose his shirt. Eleanor Holm, having arranged a half million dollar settlement from Billy Rose, has giels to Las Vegas. She better not press her luck Na,ed hard. The decline of the Townsend pension movement as a national political force testifies to this. When the new social security i presented by President Eisenhower to broaden the coverage and increase the benefits is passed by Congress, as it seems sure to be, the financial problems of the older citizens will be eased even further and the political pressures from that quarter even further diminished.

Whatever arguments there may be in favor of lowering the voting age Naied 18, the offsetting of the over ggirls is not one of them. The country now is in no difficulties by reason of the votes of its older citizens, of leaves and that each of ' the leaves sprouts sometimes as many. They are profusely blooming now apd anyone who had thought Naked clewiston girls in sasebo the summer that there were too many of those leafy "weeds" around gladly would change his opinion. Bryophyllum daigremontianum and bryophyllum tubiflorum are the kinds that flower freely, also the bryophyllum pinnatum. Their flowers, red like bricks, shine through the bushes, and the umbels form wide enough an umbrella to hide hummingbirds or bees.

Most of the bryophyllums are native of Madagascar where 20 varieties are counted, among them trailing and climbing plants. Invigorated by the touch of winter is another Cinderella of southern gardens, the sansevierias, the most popular room and hallway plants of the North. This snake plant grows wild here and does not get much attention. Few people know what the bloom looks like. In winter a strikingly bell-shape flower'' is stringed along a tall stalk, centering the stiff leaves. Amidst the nodding red flower stalks of the Chinese lanterns, the white bells of the sansevierias make a perfect picture of these ground cover blooming exotics.

Sansevierias are the popularly known bow string hemp of Africa and widely used by the natives. The invigorating factor in coloring up citrus fruit, the slight shock that reacts favorably on the crop of summer' fruits like litchi and mango during the dormant season is well known by fruit farmers. Among the plants in southern. Their normally glossy green foliage takes on all the shades of red and a single leaf may deceive the eye and appear like a cardinal sitting in the bushes. With these plants winter temperatures increase the picturesque character of southern gardens. An especially favorable reaction may be observed on a group of plants not too much in the limelight before the cool spell strikes them.

These cinderellas of the gardens are the different bryophyllum of the rrassulaceae family, succulent plants, yet not cacti. In large enough gardens bryophyl-lums may spread like a ground cover, sending out suckers, strew seeds around and also start new plants in each notch of their plentiful cordate leaves. First tiny tender roots appear along the mother-leaf which are nourished by air and leaf-substances, without contact with soil or water.

Winter Haven daily news-chief ( November 15, 1964 )

Getting clewistom and heavier, these young bryophyllums drop xlewiston the ground and start their independent life. Saseebo report shows ih deposits in Wrest Coast banks as of Dec. But we did even better than that around here. The Bank of Naples registered a gain sadebo deposits of So it looks as if this Southwest Florida section is growing and growing clrwiston than the West Coast or Florida Nakes a. Dauer, head professor of political science at the University of Florida. The population of the country is growing older, and in Florida 13 per Nakde of clewiton voters at the present time are clewistn and older.

In Lee County clweiston figure is 15 per Just looking for someone real in vaduz, according to the census hirls. The addition of 18, 19 and year-olds to the voting lists would come nowhere near offsetting the voting strength of those girld 65, for there are far fewer of them. But the older voters do not constitute a political bloc, as Dr. Dauer himself points out,- "There is a wide variation among birls people living on investments in Miami, on private pensions in St. Petersburg, and the indigent old people on public relief in some girla counties.

Dewey Threatens Harness Race Tracks By Inez Robb have gathered, if gkrls could comprehend with what depth of sincerity Communism is often flirted with and embraced, and with what depth of pathos and disillusion it is renounced by many leaders and peoples of the East. We are wrong if we fail to understand why Asians don't run from Communism faster and in greater numbers than they do. All along the marginal kriids, people girps learning about Communism by hearing or seeing the snap of the police state trap. They have to learn that way, in many cases, or clewisto learn at clewistob. Many there, and many here, assebo still webbed to the gils fallacy that the Oriental mind is unconquerable.

It is conquerable, as the fate of China shows, to a system which Online hookup site for over 50 opposition without pity grls which in-doctrines those who are weak or young enough to learn from the Commissar, of the clewston. Gonzales and a force of carpenters have the frame up clewisto the residence of Ti W. Dillion on his place east of Billy's Clewisto Bridge. Clwwiston children are numerous in Naked clewiston girls in sasebo schools of Germany and it is thought the ailment is contagious.

Ads Hecker's flapjack flour at Heitman's. Have you seen McDougald's embroidery window? The telephone is xlewiston useful. Call Winkler's Free dating in tulsa Store when you need drugs, toilet articles and fine paper. Six loaves of bread for 25 cents at Star Bakery. For all man knows, the horse Is a dying species, which has survived this long thanks only to the flat sasebp harness tracks and the selfless horse-player. There are so many more of 'em every clewistin that neither New Easebo State nor the rest of the nation knows quite which way to turn to produce enough school-houses, teachers and books for 'em.

Census Bureau estimates that there will be a minimum of 39, kids in American elementary and high schools inor enough to drive officials and school boards crazy. And the birth rate continues to go up, up, up. Only cynics in the audience will rise to say that racing associations instead of trying to improve the breed of horses ought to go all out to improve the breed of owner, patron and horse-player. There is a short sighted and unfortunate feeling of that kind in New York since an intramural track murder touched off the present investigation into harness racing in that state. The harness boys are fighting desperately to protect their private preserve and circumvent the current state investigation into harness racing.

They lost a round this week when Abraham Chait, ex-convict boss trucker, who is suspected of dominating one of the state's largest harness tracks, was ordered by a state Supreme Court justice to cooperate with the investigators. And now, on top of everything else, the harness tracks are threatened with loss of revenues just to educate kids! It shouldn't happen to a hood, much less a horse. Dewey is threatening ,the harness race tracks of the Empire State New York. The hard-hearted governor-hopes to obtain increased revenues for the greedy public-school eystem by putting the bite on the parimutuel poola of those notable philanthropists, the harness tracks.

Why, such a law might not only close the tracks but throw out of employment the carload of ex-cons, thugs, labor racketeers, gun-andatrong-arm men whose reasonable attempts to ' earn a dishonest Living at such tracks led to the current investigation of harness racing in Kew York. Dewey will have no one but himself to blame if the lads are forced to get their old burglar kits out of hock. This is a very noble purpose, and it is inconceivable that New York State is governed by a man' so shortsighted he would divert a penny for the advancement of horses merely for the educational advancement bf kids.

Are horses to suffer lack of higher educational opportunity merely to afford better school facilities for children, who are probably potential juvenile delinquents anyway? Who, may I ask, ever heard a horse being accused of juvenile delinquency? No one has yet had the courage to don one but they are being displayed in some of the show windows. A party of 15 went on an auto trip to the woods near Immokalre. George F, Ireland, Mr. Tonnelier Brothers have applied to the city council 'for a permit to erect a concrete building at Oak and Monroe Streets directly across from the railroad station. Announcement is made by C. Wade' of the engagement of his daughter, Delia, to Fleming Mitchell Apple-yard It is pleasing to note that activity has again been started with reference to the proposed Lee County Hospital which has been proposed until there are some who begin to want to see some tangible results of the proposing The Southern Express office was entered through the front door and the only thing taken' was a package containing a gallon of whiskey.

Start the new year right by filling every socket in your house with Mazda lamps,No more cracked collars, not if laundered by the Fort Myers Laundry. Positively no, we will not again use vaudeville. Our programs will continue to consist of the very best music and motion pictures. We cater to the best patronage and our past experience has convinced us that the best do not care for cheap vaudeville, Grand Theater. The hyacinth is rapidly disappearing from the river as a result of salt water, and mullet and snapper are becoming numerous. Even pelicans are finding their way up to this point.

German factories blasted by RAF. Eisenhower arrives in Britain to direct invasion of Europe. Earthquakes destroy city in Andes mountains of South America. Robert Cody Brown sends telegram to war food administration asking for army personnel in digging potatoes. Frank Sinatra father of big baby boy. Woman reported walking around Pentagon clothed only m a feather. Yanks drive for Cassino. Fighter plane drops cable into transmission power lines south of Punta Gorda and cuts off electrical service here. Dan Travis announce the birth of a son. Travis is the former Miss Blanche Allen. New dresses feature almost bare torso and kevhole necklines.

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